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Episode 02: The Art Collector's Daughter Interviews Her Dad
Episode 02: The Art Collector's Daughter Interviews Her Dad

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EPISODE 02: The Art Collector's Daughter Interviews Her Dad. Guest: Host Ara Tucker
Ara Tucker, writer, observer and traveler, gifted me, Roger C. Tucker III, with taking on the hosting duties for this podcast by interviewing me. My oldest daughter, she’s accompanied me on many art museum and other culture adventures beginning at the age of four. She continues to hang out with me, and me with her, on art jaunts across this continent and across the pond in Italy, most memorably. Whether traveling to Martha’s Vineyard to mount a solo exhibition for one of Tucker Contemporary Art’s artist and Bishop, Donald Hilliard, also known as the “Preacher Who Paints”. Or launching the fine art practice of artist, author and scholar, Margaret Rose Vendryes, including writing and editing two of her catalogs. Collaborating with her wife, Hilary Harkness, on the infamous and critically heralded, Arabella Freeman painting series, which debuted at Art Basel Miami Beach, Ara made the time to have me share my art collecting journey and the life of art that informs it. I think you’ll find her questions intriguing in how they are able to wrest surprising answers from me.