Cross Your Fingers and Hope to Die
Oil on canvas
24 x 36 Inches
Mind the Gap
Oil on wood
36 x 36 inches
Currency Series
Oil on wood
11 x 14 inches
Halloween Dance
Charcoal on toned paper
40 x 60 inches
In The Cafe
Oil on canvas
63 x 63 inches

These are personal paintings about the human condition. Life size figurative work in urban settings.

I am curious about ceremonies, cultural identity and tolerance. The aim is to feel something and be present.

Since I am a native of New York City I tend to use urban themes. My heritage is biracial, and I am interested in African and European cultures. Ceremonies intrigue me as well as spiritual fervor. I am interested in things that are considered taboo and breaking them open to reveal that there is nothing to be afraid of. That everybody has the same origin and needs only to sit at a table with someone outside your culture to realize that we are all one.

Artist's Insight with Sylvia Maier
Maier describes her art process. click here to see the video

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