Punctuated Equilibrium 2A
Punctuated Equilibrium 2A
Archival Pigment Print
17 x11 inches

Artist: Stefanie Nagorka

Edition: 50
Like many of her artworks this limited edition print of of the painting "Punctuated Equilibrium" is very compelling. Stefanie says "I like the phrase "punctuated equilibrium" as a descriptor of my current work. The theory of punctuated equilibrium describes cycles in which evolutionary change occurs relatively rapidly, alternating with longer periods of relative evolutionary stability. I've been traveling back and forth through this great country as part of my art making practice for a decade. Driving, walking, flying I'm moving through space and time becoming increasingly aware of the wearing down of life through time; of the erosion of culture and it's objects. We've been labeled consumers as the powers that be bring our focus to the new, the better, the more. I'm less interested in consumption and more interested in the aftermath of consumption - the processes of using up, of decay and dissolution and the bits of life left behind".