*TCA 2023 Art Sightings: Part 3*

TCA 2023 Art Sightings: Part 3

(3 of 3 Parts) Highlights of what I saw in 2023. From art galleries, artist studio visits and major art fairs. It’s the work of primarily Black artists and other artists of color. From Kingston, Jamaica, to Santa Fe, New Mexico, to Newark, New Jersey, to Miami, Florida and from other places not so well known. The figure is featured prominently but abstraction is also embraced. Immersive compositions are informed by color, materiality, identity, historic and current culture.

31.Ray Arcadio, “REMIX: (Don’t touch my hair)”, 2023, Acrylic on wood, foam and canvas relief (3D). Latin American Artists:Dreams & Possibilities, NJCU Visual Arts Gallery, Jersey City, NJ
32.Hilary Harkness, “Prisoners from the Front” Exhibition, 2023, PPOW Gallery, NYC
33.Victor Davson, Studio Visit, Landscape Series, 2023, Acrylic on paper. West Orange, NJ
34.Dawan Salley, Assembling Glass Pyramid, GlassRoots|Peters Valley Fellows Art Exhibit & Fundraiser, Newark, NJ
35.Ara Tucker, Green & Blue (2021), Mixed media, One River School, Montclair, NJ
36.Daniel Lind-Ramos, Centinelas de la luna negra, 2023, Mixed media. Art Basel Miami Beach, Miami, FL
37.Keiichi Tanaami, Friends With You, Resin and acrylic paint, 2023. Art Basel Miami Beach, Miami, FL
38.Derek Fordjour, Yoke Gari (detail), 2023, Bronze. Art Basel Miami Beach, Miami, FL
39.Bisa Butler, Highlife, 2023 (detail), Mixed media. Art Basel Miami Beach, Miami, FL
40.La Mano Fria, Beans & Rice, Mixed media, Prizm Art Fair, Art Basel Miami Beach Week, Miami, FL
41.Tammy Nguyen, NYT profile of her solo museum show at ICA, Boston. Easton, CT