Five Sculptures (foreground) by Stefanie Nagorka made of styrofoam, found objects and acrylic paint
Sculpture Things, 2018
Five Sculptures (foreground)
Styrofoam, found objects and acrylic paint
Various, height: 12-17 inches

Shenandoah MoCA: The Strasburg Biennial,
August 18 - December 1, 2018

Curated by Rupert Ravens. Featuring artist Stefanie Nagorka and 40 other artists, SHEN MoCA is a contemporary art destination and cultural anchor for Shenandoah Valley’s cultural renaissance. An international platform for Art, Nature & Technology projects that celebrate visionaries who take us on perceptual, adventurous, and transformative journeys.

Artwork shown: Stefanie Nagorka, Sculpture Things, 2018 (5 sculptures, foreground) Styrofoam, found objects and acrylic paint

“This work grew out of a series of Frottage (rubbing) drawings. I’ve been doing the drawings for the past 12 years. Through rubbing found objects, trash and passing surfaces, the drawings reflect my interest in the detritus of the day. Repeated rubbings of the same object produce complex textured images that suggest movement and growth.
These forms, with their rich textured surfaces and sometimes chaotic and other times repeated object placement, suggest human gesture. The combination of human gesture and random found materials is a metaphor for the way human senses perceive a physical world filled with a myriad of stimuli pressing and impressing human psyche. The skins are built up with layers of color, offering a bit of humor and lightness to the business at hand.”
– Stefanie Nagorka