Ara Tucker: Book Talk & Art Exhibition
Ara Tucker: Book Talk & Art Exhibition

One River School of Art & Design and OUT Montclair are proud to host Ara Tucker for a conversation about her new book, How to Raise an Art Star. An exhibition of her artwork and the artwork collected by her father that inspired Ara's art practice is also featured.

Please join us for a revealing conversation and exhibition about how ART continues to infuse the lives of our daughter, Ara, her wife, artist Hilary Harkness, and her Dad, Roger C. Tucker III. The conversation will be moderated by Ara's stepmother, Sheryl Hilliard Tucker.

Ara is an artist and storyteller whose practice focuses on the intersection of race, class, gender, sexual orientation as well as intergenerational memory and trauma with a particular interest in how these intersections warp daily life.

In this exhibition, Ara has partnered with me, her Dad, to show works that have inspired Ara over the course of her life. These works, along with Ara's evolving practice, served as inspiration for her novel, How to Raise an Art Star.

The book is about the fictional world of Vabeh, an ambitious tween, and her adoptive parents Morgan and Devon Gregson Bennett, an interracial creative power couple. Together they navigate Vabeh’s meteoric ascension as a painter/gallerist and the non-stop press coverage of their every move. Hilary, is responsible for the cover art of How to Raise an Art Star.

One River School Montclair of Art & Design
6 Seymour Plaza, Montclair, NJ 07042
Friday, November 17th, 6:30-8:00 pm